Titanfall Finally Announces New Game Modes & More

Respawn have FINALLY announced new game modes for Titanfall as a major update (not DLC). I haven’t played Titanfall in a while because I was bored with it…but it looks like I will be going back to it later this month. Burn cards for titans and new voiceovers will also be available…I imagine the latter will be at an additional cost.

Fracture - Lots of open ground and sneaky passages. This is my favorite of the two.

The new game modes include:

  • Marked for death: 6 v 6 VIP-esque game mode – protect your VIP while trying to kill the enemy’s
  • Wingman LTS: a 2 v 2 more tactical Last Titan Standing

“New Titan decals will also be available and unlockable upon completion of challenges.”

– PCGamer

This should have happened a long, long time ago and I’m still hella annoyed off that they removed 2 game modes when there was already so few.

Titanfall is another to be added to the list of games that had so much potential and simply did not deliver.

Mega disappointed with Titanfall. It’s fun, but it’s just lacking content…a lot of it!

Titanfall Expedition DLC will release this month on Xbox 360 (if it hasn’t already)


Titanfall DLC Available this month

Titanfall’s new DLC was announced in April at PAX East and will become available sometime this month.

So far we know that there are 3 maps to be expected: Runoff, Swampland and War Games and also some esthetic additions to the game including the ability to customise your Titan with things like decals. Expedition will sell at £9.99 in the Origin store, if you have purchased a Season pass this will be free.

Here are some of the screenshots


Here’s a little info on this map from Geoff Smith, a Titanfall designer

“A lot of changes had gone into the main game in a year and I was wondering if Runoff would hold up. Runoff was an experiment to try and make a small map but still allow Titans enough pathing options so that they don’t feel constrained or limited.”

“The core concept of the level is multiple layers of paths: concrete canals filled with water and trash below, and upper levels that are cleaner and more industrial,” Smith wrote. “I thought the canals would be cool for Titans to fight in, with Pilots able to jump across them. I also set out to make more choke points in the level, something that is pretty hard to do in our game, at least for Pilots with their enhanced mobility.”

War Games

This map is said to be set in the same place as the training simulator, a virtual reality, with lots of things throw in to make a sort of wall-running playground. Different sections of the map create the hardpoint zones, while the sections in between are more alike the training simulations. The IMC side of the map is an airbase building whilst the Militias side is a chunk of Angel City…at night.

Since the map is supposed to be a virtual reality suite, there will be areas that purposefully show glitching out, an effect we saw in Saints Row IV and not something I’m fond of at all. On the upside, Respawn have said that this will be “one of our most wallrunning friendly maps” which, since that’s my main mode of travel, is good to hear.


To put it bluntly, there’s little we know about this one. There’s tree’s and stuff like this…

Honestly, if this is all we can expect, I am a little disappointed. I would happily pay another £5 for the pack if there were some more weapons but mainly some more game modes. Hardpoint is the only fun one for me. Hopefully this is something in the making.

Titanfall: Anti-Cheating System

So if you’re one of those a**holes who goes out and pays for an “aim bot” to win games then you should probably go and do it on Titanfall…no seriously, please do.

Effective immediately, Titanfall will be implementing an anti-cheating system whereby anybody who is caught cheating will not be banned and will be allowed to continue playing with no noticeable changes…except for the fact you’ll only be matched against other people who cheat (so don’t be the first one to do it, m’kay?)

This follows, in a way, from the way GTA V handled their “bad sport” players online whereby a player would receive a dunce hat for their current session after receiving several warnings about bad sportsmanship. The next time they log in, they will be in the “bad sport” servers until they complete enough jobs/missions to increase their reputation.


After so many fouls, you get a dunce hat for the remainder of the session. The next time you log in, you will only be able to play in “bad sport” servers.

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Review: Titanfall – Should I buy it? [Video]

Naturally this game is not perfect…but it’s the next best thing; it’s awesome!

Lets start with the good things. TL;DR Skip to the conclusion at the bottom. I’ll be doing recommended loadouts for game modes and maps too later on in the coming week.

As we saw from the beta that became available a month before actual release, the game flow is smooth as hell. Moving from a pilot going from wall to walk with crazy parkour skills to your crazy huge, powerful titan feels natural; its impressive how they have managed to avoid a total mismatch between the two components. The game has the amazing twitch shooter aspects in pilot mode and the tactical strategy aspects in the titan which is what everybody was hoping for.

If you like shooters, you’re gonna love this game! It is definitely a game to buy even with the things that it lacks.

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Road to Titanfall: As We Expected – Origin Server Errors

DISCONNECT: Origin error retrieving player data from storage – code 503

Yup, it happened, PC players all over were experiencing code 503 errors and to be blunt…it was EA’s fault, not Respawn!

If you’re lucky enough to be an Xbox One player your experience will probably be pretty damn perfect and smooth. This is again as we expected as this is Microsoft…not EA.

It is unclear what caused the downtime, but Respawn set up a page on EA to keep us updated with the status of the servers and at 3/12 5:45 AM PST, they claimed all issues had been resolved. It will be interesting to see what happens when Europe joins the Titanfall experience tonight at 23:00 and the UK 24 hours after that. Continue reading